Jamendo Player

Jamendo Player

Download free music legally on your Android phone


  • Download music for free on your Android phone
  • Lots of music to choose from
  • Easy to use
  • Completely legal


  • No commercial music available

Very good

The Jamendo Player app for Android is a free app that allows you to download and listen to free music legally on your phone from the Jamendo music site..

All of the music on Jamendo is royalty free meaning there are no copyright issues and its perfectly legal to download music from the site using the app. According to the developers, there are over 20,000 albums published under the Creative Commons licenses for you to choose from.

The Jamendo app is useful for listening to the week's most popular albums, discovering the latest releases and Jamendo Top 50. There are also five Jamendo radio streams to choose from - Electro, Instrumental, Jazz, Lounge and Pop. If you sign-up for a Jamendo account, you can also browse through your favorite artists, albums and playlists.

Many users report that they've found a surprising amount of good music using Jamendo. It's certainly great for exploring undiscovered new bands or possibly the next big thing.

Jamendo is an excellent application for downloading music for free on your Android phone.

Jamendo Player


Jamendo Player

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